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PRiM Risk Newsletter No 21 - Risk Management in Emerging Markets

13 Apr 2010

Most of the risk management topics covered in past issues of the PRiM Risk Newsletter have been presented independent of any specific location. This issue is somewhat different in that regard, because it focuses on risk management in emerging markets and the unique challenges that those markets face. Our motivation in choosing this topic is to understand how those challenges add to the complexity of financial risk management and how they can be resolved in the future.

An additional aspect to be considered is the role of Luxembourg in helping to improve risk management in emerging markets through a transfer of the knowledge available in the Grand Duchy. In that context, it is no coincidence that the ATTF, the Agence de Transfert de Technologie Financière (Financial Technology Transfer Agency), is mentioned often in this Newsletter. The ATTF was created in 1999 by the Luxembourg government to provide technical assistance in financial matters (primarily training and consulting) to developing countries and countries in transition (now numbering 38) and to promote Luxembourg as a financial centre in those partner countries and regions. PRiM and its members have often collaborated with the ATTF to provide risk management expertise to a wide range of emerging markets. Much of the information presented in this issue comes from PRiM members who conducted training courses on risk management on behalf of the ATTF.

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