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Professional Qualification in Risk Management

27 Jan 2014Brochure

With the increasing complexity of financial services in an ever-changing regulatory environment, risk management has become more important than ever before. Effective risk management today is a necessity not only for banks, but also for diverse players across the fund industry. ALRiM, the Luxembourg association of risk management professionals, and the IFBL have therefore developed a certifying training programme in risk management. By taking the training courses described in this brochure and passing the corresponding exams, candidates will receive the certificate Risk Management Specialist, which will be issued jointly by ALRiM and the IFBL.

Target Audience

The target audience for the certified programme is not only risk managers, but also professionals and managers from other areas of financial services who want to acquire a solid understanding of risk management. For current and future risk managers, the ALRiM/IFBL programme can serve as a good preparation for an international risk management certification, such as the GARP Financial Risk Manager (FRM) programme.


To obtain the Risk Management Specialist certificate, candidates must complete a total of 11 days of risk management training and pass the exam for each course taken. Candidates will have a choice of specialising in banking or the investment fund industry. The following diagram outlines the courses required for the Risk Management Specialist certificate.

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