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ALRiM: Luxembourg Association for Risk Management

ALRiM has been dedicated to developing risk management in Luxembourg and internationally since its foundation on July 1, 1997 under the name of “PRiM”. ALRiM is a non-profit organisation (association sans but lucratif), the members of which are professionals with an interest in risk management.



Voir le risk management comme une valeur ajoutée Entre de nouveaux risques à appréhender qui apparaissent et une hausse des obligations réglementaires et de reporting qui se profile, la profession de risk manager voit de nouveaux défis se dessiner. Lire la...

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A New Website for ALRiM

A New Website for ALRiM

ALRIM is launching its new website in line with its communication strategy that amplifies everything risk related in Luxembourg and abroad. The Risk Hub Enhancing the communication of risk will be the key aim of the Luxembourg Association for Risk Management’s (ALRiM)...

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Date/Time Event

The 15th edition of the European Risk Management Conference is coming on 15 June 2021 in a virtual format.
As per last year, we are delivering the full programme of this major ALFI event directly to all of you, live-streamed from Luxembourg.
The virtual format will provide anyone with the opportunity to participate, learn, and engage as if you were in the room with us.
Highlights of the programme include:

  • Views of international policymakers and the CSSF on key policy actions which are relevant to all risk management professionals;
  • Debates on the SFDR and the Taxonomy Regulation: a real game changer for risk managers, who must embed all new requirements in risk management;
  • Panel discussions on key developments (operational as well as regulatory) of interest to the risk management community.

Please note that this event is closed for press.
Most sessions will be available for replay until 16 July.
For more information and registration please click here


9 h 20 min - 14 h 35 min
ALFI - ALRiM European Risk Management Conference